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Below please find a brief summary of the core beliefs of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

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A. Methodism as part of the Worldwide Church

When people are received into membership of the Methodist Church, the congregation recites the Apostles Creed. This is a reminder that the historic faith of the worldwide church of all ages (otherwise referred to as the church universal) is the faith of Methodism.

B. Methodism as Part of the Protestant Tradition

The Protestant Reformation which began in the 16th century was not only a protest against what were seen as abuses within the Church, but was an affirmation of what were judged to be the essential beliefs and practices of the New Testament church. The Methodist Church originated as a reforming movement within the Church of England.

C. Distinctive Emphases in Methodist Belief

In the 18th century, John Wesley, an Anglican clergyman, began the evangelistic work that led to the formation of Methodist societies throughout Britain and Ireland. There were some elements of the Christian faith, which, though not peculiar to Wesley, were given special emphasis by him. These are still the 'Distinctive Emphases' of the Methodist Church.

D. Organisation and Worship of the Methodist Church

Every church has its own form of organisation, government and style of worship. Some of these are directly influenced by particular aspects of the teaching of scripture; others are accidents of history. Here we look at various features of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

E. Practical Expressions of Methodist Belief

Belief should affect behaviour, not just in terms of church life and practice, but also in everyday life. Here are some of the statements made by the Conference of the Methodist Church in Ireland on various social and ethical issues. Through them we see the relevance of the faith professed by Methodists to their relationship with each other, with other Christians, with society at large and with the whole of creation.

Scripture References and Other Resources
Documents and suggestions for further study, including some appropriate Biblical passages.

If you have further questions regarding Methodist Belief, please contact Rev. John Alderdice email (convener, Faith and Order committee) regarding doctrinal issues or Rev. Wesley Blair csr (General Ministerial Secretary, Council on Social Responsibility) regarding social issues.