Sharing in the Serving Ministry of Jesus

Founded in 1893, DCM is a part of the Methodist Church in Ireland, committed to expressing the Christian faith in practical ways throughout the Dublin area. DCM is centered around the church congregation in Abbey Street Methodist Church and seeks to provide appropriate servant ministry which meets the needs of the city centre. Abbey Street, the flagship of the Mission, attracts approximately 2,500 people through its doors every week. Throughout the week, many self-help groups meet on the premises. These groups help to fulfil the Mission of the church, in helping people overcome the many social problems of today. In addition other organizations and theatre groups make good use of the facilities as do many church committees at District and National level.

DCM also provides services to the older person through the two sheltered housing complexes at 'Margaretholme' and 'Ailt an Oir' and the nursing home at 'Mount Tabor'.