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Self-Help Groups

Abbey Street, the flagship of the Mission, attracts approximately 2,500 people through its doors every week. Throughout the week, many self-help groups meet on the premises. A regular week could read like this:

Monday: Alanon, Narcotics Anon (N.A.), Gamblers Anon (G.A.), Aware, National Assoc. of Widows, Coeliac Society, Alcoholic Anonymous (A.A.), A.R.T.S. (Artist Recovery group), Zumba Classes, Indoor Bowls. Tuesday: Alanon, N.A., S.A., Lifering, Tango, Motion Fitness Training, Free English Conversation Classes. Wednesday: Alanon, N.A., A.A., S.A., Recovery Group, Lifering, BDA, Zumba Classes, Lifering, Recovery Inc Group. Thursday: Alanon, A.A., Adult Children of Alcoholics, Free English Conversation Classes, Motion Fitness Training. Friday: Alanon, Free Art Classes. Saturday: Alanon, A.A., N.A., Overeaters Anon, Naranon Family Support Group and Debtors Anon; CODA and SA.

All of the above groups are helping fulfill the Mission of the Church, in helping people overcome the many social problems of today. It is quite remarkable to see the difference in people after they have attended and continue attending these meetings. It is heartening to see the Mission facilities being used to such good effect.

In addition to the above, Weight Watchers use the premises every day from Monday to Saturday and various Theater Groups rehearse in the Main Hall on a weekly basis. This hall is also used by The Department of Education. Some Football Leagues and The Irish Soccer Referees Society also meet here. The income from these groups helps in a very big way. Youth organizations also make good use of the facilities as do many church committees at District and National level; also ex.Y.M.C.A. men hold a weekly prayer meeting.

Your Church, your Mission in Abbey Street, is something to be proud of, and we should all strive to support the work in any way we can, but especially by prayer.

Graham Caswell,
Abbey Street Manager


01 874-4668