Minister's Desk

Rev. Laurence Graham


Abbey Street Methodist Church seeks to be a place of welcome. For almost 200 years Methodists have been worshipping here. Occupying this important site right in the heart of the city has given this congregation a sense of God’s call to be a place that “Welcomes the Stranger”. Over the last 12 years the congregation has grown as many people from different lands have joined us. We have sought to be a multi ethnic congregation with a multi ethnic leadership and staff. If you are coming to live, work or study in this city please feel free to join us and  experience this welcome.

Another key part of our history occurred when Dublin Central Mission joined with this congregation. Dublin Central Mission has sought to care for those who are in difficulty, whether through addictions or other troubles. In recent years new ventures in helping the Homeless and running English language conversation classes have started. There are opportunities to volunteer with these.

Lastly and most important we must answer the why question? We are Christians who take seriously the message and life of Jesus. We believe the Christian faith is lived out in word and in action. We seek to live out the two great commandments – to love God and to love our neighbour.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to offering you a welcome.

Every Blessing,

Rev. Dr. John Stephens